About Chris Loft

Chris and his girlChris (Christian) Buzila is a member of the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club (GARPC). He joined the club here in Atlanta back in 2005, but he has been with racing pigeons all of his life. He started back in Romania, where he is originally from.

As a new member of the GARPC, Chris needed only one or two years to be recognized as a true champion. He quickly claimed the top of the racing sheets and has stayed there ever since.
When I was handling his pigeon on shipping nights, I always knew that he was the guy to beat!

Flying with, actually, flying against Chris, I quickly learned one thing and that is: If you beat Chris on a racing day, then you have a huge chance to win the race, including the combine. What makes Chris' wins more impressive is the fact that many times he will take the first several (or more) positions, easily!

It's a great thing for any racing pigeon club to have at least one member like Chris.
Guys like him will push everyone to improve if they want be competitive.
I believe that most of us in this sport like to win, some of us a little bit more and others a little bit less, but in the end we all wish to win, at least sometimes. That's why we call these pigeons "racing pigeons", and that's what it's all about.
So if you really want to compete against flyers like Chris, then be ready to be pushed pretty hard to give your best and hopefully have a chance.

More importantly, Chris is a very nice person and I wish we had more pigeon fanciers in our combine like him. He always talks with a smile on his face and is a very honest and likeable person.

Chris is also the owner of a successful construction business. He is married to his lovely wife Brenda and they have two beautiful children.
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Peach State Combine
"Sky View Loft"
LoftChris' loft is a combination of a few trailers adjusted to a pigeon loft. On the outside it does not look like some of today's modern and fancy lofts, but in the inside it is perfected to all that these amazing birds need. Breeding BoxesIt is not without a reason that Chris was the Co-Winner of the AU's 2011 Showcase Loft Contest. You can see it here, on the AU website.